Hot felon Jeremy Meeks does not want to pay spousal support to estranged wife


Melissa, the estranged wife of Hot felon Jeremy Meeks, demanded for spousal and child support from him after he filed for divorce from her so as to continue his affair with billionaire heiress Chloe Green.

Melissa, a nurse, demaned for fair share of his new found wealth, claiming that he’s pulling in $1 million each month. Jeremy has now denied this and doesn’t want to pay her a dime for spousal support even though she supported him while he was imprisoned. Read TMZ’s report below.

Jeremy Meeks is playing hardball with his estranged wife, arguing she’s not entitled to a penny of spousal support.

Jeremy filed legal docs in his divorce case with Melissa Meeks, in which he says she’s currently earning exactly what she made during the marriage when she was the breadwinner. BTW, she was the breadwinner because he spent time in prison for firearms violations and grand theft.

He is willing to pay child support but scoffs at Melissa’s claim he’s raking in $1 mil a month. He says his income is more like $6k a month. He says he’s willing to pay what the child support schedule dictates … in his case up to $418 a month for his only child.

And he takes several shots at Melissa, saying he sets a good example for his son, while she gives interviews to the media and engages in “televised reconstructive surgeries” of her nose, bust and vagina.

And finally, he says she needs to back off grousing that he’s dating billionaire heiress Chloe Green.  He says who he dates is not her business.

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