‘I’m not interested in that rubbish that Freeze is saying’ – Ubi Franklin dismisses the OAP’s controversial opinion on tithing


In a new episode of Linda Ikeji TV’s The Report Card, music executive/businessman Ubi Franklin, who was a guest, shared his opinion on Tithing and dismissed Freeze’s crtiticism against enriching pastors through it. According to him;

“I pay my tithe. I’m not even interested in that rubbish Freeze is saying. Everybody is saying whatthey want to say. I am a christian. Christianity is not about the Church you go to. If the bible talks about tithing, pay your tithe. I pay my tithe. I believe part of my success and how I’m growing is because how I’m able to not hold on to what I’m supposed to give to God. I am not giving it to a pastor. I attend House on the Rock but I am not tied to house on the rock because of House on the Rock but because of God. That’s where I receive the word. If my life is changing based on what I’m hearing, I won’t hold back my tithe, offerings.”

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