Prince Harry’s most shocking present for the Queen revealed as Meghan Markle joins royal family festivities


Christmas for the Royal family is pretty much similar to that of most families, according to inside sources, with exchange of gifts, family Christmas dinner and more.

Insiders have revealed that despite their high status, the Royals choose to shop frugally for Christmas gifts. One year reportedly Princess Anne gave her brother, and future King, Prince Charles a doormat on Christmas Day. And on her first Christmas, Kate is believed to have offered the Queen some sentimentality by gifting her photographs she had taken herself and framed.

Harry, known for his cheeky sense of humour, allegedly once offered the Queen a bath hat emblazoned with the slogan “Aint life a b***h” on Christmas day. But with Meghan Markle spending her first Christmas with the royal family, Harry is unlikely to offer the kind of cheeky gift as he did in his youth.

Insiders have revealed that the royal Christmas dinner is beset by all the same quirks any family may have on the big day – especially when it comes to Christmas crackers. reveal the Queen is a fan of finding a penny whistle in her cracker – and reportedly wears her paper party crown every year. The Royals will enjoy top-of-the-range treats as they pull the Queen’s favourite luxury crackers from Tom Smith this Christmas Day.

A royal source said: “It’s always a classic design, nothing too modern or over-the-top and she loves tartan. They always feature the Royal Arms, but differ slightly in design every year and it’s a closely-guarded secret.”

The Queen also enjoys hearing a good joke or riddle pulled from the crackers.

The source added: “When she was younger she used to make up her own to amuse the rest of the family. And Prince Phillip likes to joke that he’s pulled a cracker – much to the Queen’s amusement. Prince Harry would always go around the table at Sandringham swapping the crackers around – making sure he placed the heaviest at his place setting. He still does it now.”

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